New Rocks Committee forms

Shamrocks Reserves coach Rob O’Neill, who guided his team to the club’s first ever Cosmopolitan Soccer League Division 1 Reserves championship in June, has been installed as the club’s president following the annual AGM.

O’Neill takes over the position following the departure of Paddy Geraghty and his family for pastures new in South Carolina. paddy, wife Tricia, daughter Jane and son Tommy will be missed by their Shamrocks family and we thank them deeply for all their years of service to the club and all the joy they helped deliver along the way.

Pat Burke will move into the Vice President role while Teresa Brink takes on the job of club secretary. A welcome new addition was Nadia Abdul Ghani as treasurer with Legends player coach John Riordan taking on the Games Commissioner duties. The newly formed Social Secretary/PRO will be Ger Shivnan with the directors lining up as Kailey Walsh, Joe Zorbo, Des Fetherston and Nikle Guzijan along with two more welcome new faces, reserves assistant coach Ciaran Taaffe and first team captain Darren Coleman.

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