A Beautiful Game for a Beautiful Shamrock

 A Beautiful Game for a Beautiful Shamrock

 NY Shamrock SC graced Randall’s Island with the best game of football ever seen, since Pele and the Cosmos.  Fitting that Icahn Stadium was the backdrop of this wonderful display of Shamrock elegance and genius.  The sheer magic that players and coaches conjured up saw the rebirth of the beautiful game in the ROBBIE WALSH TRIBUTE MATCH.  

Robbie Walsh Tribute -1

The Enchanting NY Shamrock SC

Eoin Sweeny described the event.  “It was a beautiful game for a beautiful person.  It’s fitting that we played our best game ever.  The passing was exquisite throughout the 100

minutes.  Things were going so beautifully well that we were ecstatic we made it two 50-minute halves.  It was irresistible stuff,” said Sweeney. 

A vicious corner dipped onto the edge of the box when Sean Riley latched on to a volley as he leaned back.  In the ball flew low and hard.  It was a sign of things to come. 

A sophisticated battle for possession developed in midfield as the teams built out from the back.  There was tiki taka everywhere sprinkled with mesmerizing dribbles alongside some uncanny first touches.  Just as noticeable was the incredible agility and stamina of every single player in the game.  The referee admitted afterwards. 

“The athleticism was so graceful it was spell bounding.  At times I couldn’t keep up with the speed of play.  Other times I found myself in awe of the technical ability of the players.  I was a fan by the time the game was over,” the ref said. 

Between the posts there was also some amazing goalkeeping.  However, the gloved ones had no chance in every one of the 8 goals scored.  It was a 4-4 game of football that will go down in the history books as the best display of football ever seen in NY, if not in the US.  While millions of Americans watched the 2018 World Cup little did they know that the greatest game on the planet was underway right under their noses on New York’s Randall’s Island.  It happens, fans can’t be in two places at one time.  Although it didn’t seem that way in Walsh’s Tribute Game as players appeared to be everywhere with some sublime movement off the ball.    

Robbie Walsh Tribute -2

Walsh’s Wonderful Wizards 

“Unfortunately, the World Cup clashed with our game,’ said Shamrock scorer Emmett

Harvey.  “We will be back next year to play Robbie’s Tribute Match but I’m not sure we can produce the World Class performance we produced today.  It’s a tall order.  I’ve never scored a goal like the one I scored today.  It just swerved all over the place and I couldn’t believe the power I generated after sprinting 55 yards to latch on to a superb chip over their back line.  I could see it coming all the way, but it was a team goal even though I felt great as the ball rolled down the back of the net,” admitted Harvey.     

Some of the goals were magnificent shots, there were great combinations and finishes, breakaways and volleys.   The dead ball frees did not disappoint either with balls curling around walls and headers banged home from corners.  Robbie’s brother Kevin who flew from Ireland to represent the Walsh family remarked.  “Just an overwhelming experience across the board.” 

Towards the end of the game Donal ‘Ducky’ Kelly said.  “We are blown away.  Everybody is on their A game.  Robbie is very proud of us right now.  I don’t know what has come over us.  I’ve never seen a better game in my life,” said a bewildered Ducky.  “So far, I haven’t made one bad change throughout the 95 minutes of coaching, it’s going well for both teams to be fair, but I think Sweeney will feel the pressure in the last 5 minutes.  It’s a coach’s dream to be involved in a game of this magnitude.  It had everything we could have hoped for.  We even had a fight and I can see Robbie right now breaking his bollox laughing and saying, “A hear lads, leave it out.” 

On the side line Kevin Grogan was rubbing his leg.  The ex-Man U and Irish International admitted the game speed was too much.  “Yea, I pulled my hammy,” Grogan said.  “I played a one two and was unable to keep up with the pace of the return ball.  It was just too quick for me.  But after watching this game I realize how far behind the World Cup is.  I’ve never seen so many great goals in one game,” Grogan said.

The final whistle blew.  A PK shootout was the only way to separate these two outstanding World Class Shamrock teams.  “What a beautiful game it was,” Sweeney said.  “We can’t wait for next year.”    

Robbie Walsh Tribute -3

Dave Harvey Upper 90 PK as he collects Robbie’s Tribute Trophy from Kevin Walsh. 

That’s Grogan in the background holding his hammy.





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