A quarter century on…

Throwback Thursday courtesy of Anto May who sent us this Shamrocks team photo dating back 25 years. 

Back row L-R – Dave Sharpe, Jem Cronin, Mick Haley, Dennis Frawley, Dermot Clarke, Joey Behan, Brian Daly (GK).Front row L-R – Frank O’Donough (RIP), Pat Fischer, Paul Woodley (Capt.), Anto May, Andy Powell, Eltin Coleman. 

“We 1-0 that day in Purchase,” recalls Anto. 

“That 91/92 season was the end of a golden period for the club. There was a decline in immigration and players were retiring. The following few years were difficult. 

“Fielding a first and second team was always difficult and a lot of players played both games.

“The club is once again enjoying a purple patch and it has become a lot more inclusive. It’s worth remembering that the only way to sustain this era is through collaboration, off the field involvement and the desire to keep growing. Up the Rocks!”

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