Talented Rocks quartet recommit for second season

With less than a week to go until the Shamrocks pre-season begins, Kevin Grogan has received timely boosts from four of his key players each of whom have followed his lead in committing to the club’s second season back in the top flight of New York amateur soccer.

Player of the Year Zach Gosse’s decision to return is an important boost for the Rocks while retaining the young, talented trio of Alejandro Fritz, Nick Zorbo and Dan Giorgi is an indication of Grogan’s bid to build on a foundation of young talent.


Nick Zorbo (left) and Dan Giorgi pictured recently after confirming their decision to stay with the Shamrocks for the Division 1 campaign ahead.

“We did a lot of recruitment last season to build the squad and now player retention is vital,” said Grogan.

“On top of retention, I’m looking very closely at new players. I have 17 players on my radar and I’m looking to sign four to six of them so we can strengthen the squad and build the training culture. Kwesi is a big signing. It’s going to be a very busy summer for recruitment. Detailing potential recruits and identifying the right personalities with the right temperament is very important. It’s a calculated process. We will have a full time pre-season with training, games, nutrition, sports psychology.”

Influential center back Gosse, who was ever present for the Rocks last season, said he was looking forward to his second season at the club.

NY Shamrocks0547

Zach Gosse played in every game last season.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have gained a wealth of experience playing at various levels in the NYC metropolitan area, but I must admit the club is top notch,” he said.

“It’s astounding how much effort and sacrifice everyone puts forth in order for all of the teams at the club to succeed. From the players and coaches to the board members and supporters, the desire for ‘The Rocks’ to win has become infectious.

“Moreover, I must admit, having built relationships with my teammates and other club members both on and off the pitch, the club has become a second family for me. With a year of Division 1 football knowledge and maturity under our belts and the addition of several impact players to our talented core, I truly believe we can do extremely well next season.”

Fellow Long Islanders Dan Giorgi and Nick Zorbo settled in very well to the club after joining the Shamrocks in the spring.

“I am very happy with the experiences I have had in my first season,” said Giorgi. “In the past couple of months, I’ve learned a lot, worked hard, got to play in a cup final, and came out a better player. This is a great club that does so much for us and I’m very excited to re-sign and pick up where we left off. Up the Rocks!”

Zorbo was similarly delighted to recommit, adding that he was looking forward to experiencing a full season at the club.

“I’m delighted to re-sign with the Shamrocks for next season,” he said. “I would like to thank Kevin Grogan for bringing me in and introducing me to all the great people involved with the club like Stevie Doyle, John Riordan and Sean Mc Mullan. They have already made me feel so welcome at the Rocks. I have enjoyed being able to gain some experience playing with the older guys on the team. I’m motivated to be a bigger contributor to next season’s goals.”