Grogan calls on supporters to rally around the Rocks

The final game of a historic Shamrocks season will see the first team compete for the club’s sixth trophy of 2016 when they take on 

Division 2 champions Zum Schneider in Sunday’s CSL League Cup final (Randall’s Island – Field 70).

And coach Kevin Grogan has called on the club’s supporters to come out and roar on the team as they chase a perfect end to a successful week.Preparations for what will be a very tough encounter were given a significant boost during the week when It was confirmed that Division 1 status was secured for the 2016/17 season.

The case closed on the official protest against the result in the key relegation decider against Polonia, thereby affirming a forfeit for the May 15 encounter and moving the Rocks up to sixth.

Hot on the heels arrived the announcement that Grogan would be staying on at the club to build on the momentum of this season.

“The plans for next season have already started,” revealed Grogan on Thursday. “I’ve signed one new player already and more to come. Our new signing Kwesi will be there at the final on Sunday to watch and meet everyone. He’s a big signing for us.”

Grogan added that Sunday was an ideal opportunity for his players to build on what they have experienced over the past ten months. 

“Phase 1 was to bulid, with phase 2, we were looking to compete and then phase 3 is to create winners. We have a chance on Sunday to show the first sign of becoming winners. 

“The young players we have brought in need to get addicted to winning and the best way to do that is to taste what it’s like to gain silverware. Once you win one trophy, it creates the hunger and desire to win more trophies. Winning is a habit. 

“Alex Ferguson won 49 trophies in his career. He enjoyed them all for one day and then moved onto the next 1. It was an obsession. These young players need to get obsessed with winning. The brand of football we will now work towards will be the most expansive type of football in the CSL. I can guarantee that. 

“I’m hoping we have big support on Sunday, but if there is one person watching us or 100 we will always entertain. Winning and winning in style is now the new philosophy moving forward. 

“We needed to consolidate this past season and grind out a few results but now the bigger picture is all focused on the On Field Brand. Sunday is all about getting on the ball passing and moving at speed with decisive clean crisp passing and moving and creating as many 1v1 scenarios and quick plays in the final third. 

“The current players are also playing for their place for next season. There will be lots of new faces coming in this summer as we continue to build the squad at both first and reserves level. My shirt is already ironed for Sunday!”

Zum Schneider cantered to the Division 2 title this past Spring, only losing twice during a superb run of seven games that included five wins. Indeed the second of those two defeats arrived after they had already secured the league and promotion to Division 1. And there was also their semi-final win against Beyond which earned them a berth in Sunday’s big showdown.

Meanwhile, Rocks captain Stuart Colbert has called on his team mates for one last push to end the season on a high note.

“We have worked hard this week to make sure we do ourselves justice on Sunday,” he said. 

“We didn’t play well last week and we need to improve 100% if we are to have any hope of doing this. We owe it to ourselves to finish on a high note and if we do everything the right way, we have a big chance.”

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