New Shamrocks sponsor – Krombacher beer

In a significant boost for the New York Shamrocks, the Krombacher beer company has joined forces with the Rocks as a club sponsor.  
This welcome development comes at an important time given the expansion of the club to six teams, creating increased financial demand. 

“We are delighted to enter this partnership supporting NY Shamrock Soccer Club,” said Krombacher representative for the New York area, Shawn Maguire. 

“Soccer is growing in New York and all across the United States and it is a strong, positive force in many communities. It is an honor to contribute this way and we look forward to raising a glass to continued success at the Rocks!”

Krombacher will be available at our chief sponsors, the Courtyard Ale House, as well as at sister pubs across the city – the Kent Ale House in Williamsburg, the Brickyard in Hell’s Kitchen and Woodbines in Long Island City. 

“We are very grateful to Krombacher for their support of the Shamrocks,” said club president Sean Mc Mullan.

“It is a testament to the progress we are making across the club. We have doubled in size in the space of just over a year and while this has proved as rewarding as it is challenging, it is the support of Krombacher and all our sponsors which makes the whole thing possible.”

For more information, please email

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