Roll of Honor

Formed in 1960, the Shamrocks are the oldest continuous Irish Soccer Club in New York.

SHAMROCKS roll of honor


7 thoughts on “Roll of Honor

      • John
        I am usless at IT but I have a load of photos that Joe Behan and I collected doing the “Green Side Of The Apple” booklet we did for the 50th in 2010…………….the photos are classics and may fit in to a “Memory Lane” section that just gets added to by present Members

  1. In 2001 the first team were going for three Cups in a row, we had battled our way to a third final, opponents were Panciprian Freedom……………..They kept postponing and the CSL did not put the boot in ……………Money Talked……………But it was a great achievment for the squad to make it three finals in a row maybe put on record Opponents Panciprian Freedom…..Final Unplayed
    or whatever is PC but they deserve credit for getting there

  2. Well done lads on a fab night and your history in terms of existence and success, I believe is second to none. Long may it continue, Regards Mick, Anne and Warren, Dublin.

  3. Want to take this opportunity to congratulate the entire club for such an incredible season. You professional and organization has taken the club to a whole new level. Almost makes me want to get the old boots out. Keep up the great work and as always, Come the Rocks.
    Anto May

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